Child Psychologist Boca Raton

Child Psychologist Boca RatonChild Psychologist Boca Raton

Child Psychologist Boca Raton

Adolescent & Teen Therapy

The environment which surrounds adolescence is continually changing, both internally and externally and many young people need help in navigating. Since my initial days practicing I have always had a special interest in helping teens and young adults through teen therapy.

I typically work with teens on an individual basis for teen therapy in plantation, Fl. My approach is to conduct an our first session (either via phone or in person) prior to meeting the client to clarify expectations, rules of confidentiality and to determine if the teen is ready to begin individual work. My approach is meant to give the teen my full focus from the moment we meet. I am there for them, to serve not as a friend but as an unbiased ear and outside observer. I make clear my respect for each teen and make every effort to advocate on their behalf and to help them understand and interpret what troubles them and aid them in speaking their own truth. It is my goal to create a safe space where teens can develop trust and speak freely through teen therapy.

Adolescent & Teen Therapy Info

My clinical expertise includes issues of adjustment (relocation, loss, divorce), motivation, depression, acting out, ADD/ADHD, substance and abuse/dependency. I am familiar with the challenges of single-parenting, blended families, parental limit setting, and the need to foster personal responsibility and respect among family members.